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2002 Pictures 

02colt.jpg (84273 bytes)

Skip Kleckner's SCCA ProRally Dodge Colt with "ice screws."

02Jeep-action.jpg (26091 bytes)   02Jeep-tires.JPG (90865 bytes)

Jeremy Butt's Jeep Grand Cherokee with "ice screws."

02Lynx.JPG (91295 bytes)   02Lynx-action.jpg (83736 bytes)

Jim Buchwitz's  "Lynx" with another set of unique wheels.

02dirt-bike.jpg (51137 bytes)

One of the studded dirt bikes that dominated the early races.

02ice-bike.JPG (94106 bytes)

C.O. Rudstrom's "Ice Bike" a 250 Ninja with a Honda F2 engine.

02mr2.jpg (16715 bytes)

Soren Barr's Toyota MR2 on "ice screws."

02Sled1.JPG (82837 bytes)   02-winner.JPG (82829 bytes)

Some of the numerous snowmobiles in the event.

P1060001.jpg (90269 bytes)

A good example of tires with "ice screws" 

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