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2003 Pictures

03drivers-meeting.JPG (95261 bytes)   03line-up.JPG (92321 bytes)

Some of the competitors.

03ice-R6.JPG (96936 bytes)   03ice-R6-rear.JPG (94787 bytes)

What Minnesotan's do with their sport bikes in the winter. This is C.O. Rudstrom's 1999 Yamaha R6.

03Chevette.JPG (44923 bytes)

The Chevette Class. $1 gets you a drive in this classic.

03Lynx-metal-blades.JPG (39456 bytes)

Jim Buchwitz's SCCA ProRally Mercury Lynx with unique "wheels."

03MR2-studs.JPG (70088 bytes)   03Tires.JPG (136088 bytes)

Soren Barr's Toyota MR2 with studs and the tires before mounting.

03mustang1.JPG (79305 bytes)

Jeremy Butts' SCCA ProRally Ford Mustang with studs.

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