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2004 Pictures

Mpeg movies!

ACP photography photos:

Winner Open (Small).JPG (20799 bytes) Winner M4 (Small).JPG (18975 bytes) Winner M2 (Small).JPG (24493 bytes) Winner S4 (Small).JPG (16671 bytes) Winner S2 (Small).JPG (19884 bytes)

The class winners. For lots more ACP photos, click here.


Andy Bayley's Photos:

Andy-STi.jpg (27971 bytes) Andy-WRX.jpg (31013 bytes)

Rich Las' M4 Subaru WRX STi and Andy's own M4 WRX 


Jeremy Butt's Photos:

Jeremy-Andy Mills.jpg (26372 bytes) Jeremy-reinhart.jpg (22921 bytes) Jeremy-joe paolo.jpg (17667 bytes)

Open class: Andy Mills on his winning Polaris, Jeremie Reinhart's second place KTM, and Joe Paolo, the youngest rider on a Honda XR50.

Jeremy-WRX launch 1.jpg (26724 bytes) Jeremy-WRX launch 2.jpg (27539 bytes)

Andy Bayley's WRX at the beginning of it's run.

Jeremy-group.jpg (29677 bytes)

This years cast of characters, a drivers group photo.


Photos from Chris Cotton:

Ice2-cc.jpg (18577 bytes) Ice6-cc.jpg (30617 bytes) Ice7-cc.jpg (12472 bytes)

Pulling out a Chevy with a Ford, the line up, and Jim Buchwitz's Escort is pulled out after Patrick Aslakson put it in the snow bank showing Jim "how to go around the course."


Pictures from Tim Winker:

04stur_01v_tw.jpg (31648 bytes) 04stur_02v_tw.jpg (38173 bytes) 04stur_03v_tw.jpg (28966 bytes) 04stur_04v_tw.jpg (43298 bytes)

 A go-kart, XR50 and minivan; Skip Kleckner's S2 winning VW Jetta; Jeremy Peterson's M2 winning Ford Mustang.

For more of Tim Winker's photos check them out on his website.


Pictures from your web master, Soren Barr:

Evo.JPG (54086 bytes)

Jared Kemp's Evo VIII

Line-up.JPG (58922 bytes)

All lined up and ready to race

sleds.JPG (80215 bytes)

Several of the sleds, including Andy Mill's winning sled in the background

Subes.JPG (47625 bytes)

Class winning Subarus: Andy Bayley's M4 WRX and Crain Walli's S4 Impreza

shirt.JPG (56875 bytes)

This year's T-Shirt

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