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2005 Pictures

Some aerial shots of the race by Todd Jaranson from his brother Dave Jaranson's Piper Cub.


CO's "SMI 600" snow-motor-trike vehicle. After a few problems this year, the SMI 600 is set to revolutionize the race next year.


A collection of pictures of Andy Mill's Open class winning Polaris.

Josh Barsness on his Yamaha four wheeler, proving four wheelers can be fast on the ice.

Duran Nurmi's Audi A4

Wade Wessels on his Honda flat track bike

Jared Kemp's S4 winning Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8

Luther Kemp's Subaru WRX which won M4 with Andy Bayley at the wheel. Unfortunately both Andy's and Luther's WRXs suffered some mechanical issues.

Shannon Thompson on a Honda CFR50

Skip Kleckner's VW Jetta


Tom Vaeretti's very loud snowmobile powered "Starcar"


Tim Winker in one of his Saabs

* **

Jeremy Butt's very fast M2 winning Mustang

Jeremie Reinhart on his pick equipped Honda CRF250


Joah Liubakka in his S2 winning Hyundai Tiberon

2005 Videos

Skip Kleckner's video collection set to Vanilla Ice

SideLake2005_0002.wmv (23Mb)

Andy Mill's Open class winning Polaris sled (3Mb)

More videos coming!

* Photos by Mac Rudstrom

** Photos by Erik Grimm

*** Photos by Dennis Otremba

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