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2004 ACP Photos

ACP Photos take by Amanda Cole Parker. For higher quality scans or professional prints in any size email Chris Krier for more details. Amanda took close to 200 photos of this years event, so if you don't see something, ask.

Andy Bayley1 (Small).JPG (28357 bytes) Andy Bayley2 (Small).JPG (15070 bytes) Andy Bayley3 (Small).JPG (17528 bytes) Andy Bayley4 (Small).jpg (24716 bytes)

Andy Bayley5 (Small).JPG (18083 bytes) Andy Bayley6 (Small).JPG (16614 bytes) Andy Bayley7 (Small).JPG (23263 bytes) Andy Bayley8 (Small).JPG (18975 bytes)

Andy Bayley's WRX

Andy Mills1 (Small).JPG (24754 bytes) Andy Mills2 (Small).JPG (14877 bytes) Andy Mills3 (Small).JPG (19041 bytes) Andy Mills4 (Small).JPG (20260 bytes) Andy Mills5 (Small).JPG (15871 bytes)

Andy Mills6 (Small).JPG (25860 bytes) Andy Mills7 (Small).JPG (16614 bytes) Andy Mills8 (Small).JPG (28050 bytes) Andy Mills9 (Small).JPG (26614 bytes) Andy Mills10 (Small).JPG (20799 bytes)

Andy Mills11 (Small).JPG (18283 bytes) Andy Mills12 (Small).JPG (22694 bytes) Andy Mills13 (Small).JPG (28155 bytes) Andy Mills14 (Small).JPG (24034 bytes)

Andy Mills on his Polaris Pro-X and his Honda 50.

Bike (Small).JPG (16721 bytes) Bike1 (Small).JPG (26448 bytes)

Pat Udenberg and Noah Knudsen on motocross bike. 

Thanks to Jeremy Peterson for the ID.

Chris Krier1 (Small).JPG (24531 bytes) Chris Krier2 (Small).JPG (24202 bytes) Chris Krier3 (Small).JPG (30542 bytes)

Chris Krier on a Honda 50 and in his F-150

Chevette (Small).JPG (19505 bytes)

The famous Chevette

Craig Walli Sequence1 (Small).JPG (17230 bytes) Craig Walli Sequence2 (Small).JPG (12998 bytes) Craig Walli Sequence3 (Small).JPG (15626 bytes) Craig Walli Sequence4 (Small).JPG (16671 bytes)

Craig Walli taking the wide line.

Group (Small).JPG (31149 bytes)

The official group photo.

Jared Kemp (Small).JPG (20532 bytes)

Jared Kemp in his multi color Mitsubishi EVO VIII.

Jeremie Reinhart1 (Small).JPG (16930 bytes) Jeremie Reinhart2 (Small).JPG (29034 bytes)

Jeremie Reinhart on his studded KTM

Jermey Peterson1 (Small).JPG (24493 bytes) Jermey Peterson2 (Small).JPG (17668 bytes) Jermey Peterson3 (Small).JPG (16967 bytes) Jermey Peterson4 (Small).JPG (20902 bytes)

Jeremy Peterson's Ford Mustang

Jim Buchwitz1 (Small).JPG (12864 bytes) Jim Buchwitz2 (Small).JPG (25194 bytes) Jim Buchwitz3 (Small).JPG (21938 bytes)

Jim Buchwitz in his ProRally / Ice Racing Ford Escort.

Joe Poalo1 (Small).JPG (19460 bytes) Joe Poalo2 (Small).JPG (17278 bytes)

The youngest competitor, Joe Paolo on his Honda 50.

Kevin Dickey Sequence1 (Small).JPG (16331 bytes) Kevin Dickey Sequence2 (Small).JPG (17088 bytes) Kevin Dickey Sequence3 (Small).JPG (18044 bytes) Kevin Dickey Sequence4 (Small).JPG (16536 bytes) Kevin Dickey Sequence5 (Small).JPG (25176 bytes)

Kevin Dickey sticks his Jeep Grand Cherokee into the snow bank.

Rich Las1 (Small).JPG (16537 bytes) Rich Las2 (Small).JPG (17184 bytes) Rich Las3 (Small).JPG (21904 bytes)

Rich Las' Subaru WRX STi.

Sara Quirk (Small).JPG (15864 bytes)

Sara Quirk on a go kart.

Scan102 (Small).JPG (21594 bytes) Scan46 (Small).JPG (15951 bytes)


Skip Klechner2 (Small).JPG (28130 bytes) Skip Kleckner1 (Small).JPG (19884 bytes)

Skip Kleckner's Volkswagen Jetta

Wally (Small).JPG (17085 bytes)

This kart didn't quite make it...

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