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The Rules

The rules are really simple: Drive your vehicle around the course as fast as you can. If you hit a cone on your run, that run is not counted. But don't worry, you can make as many runs as there is time for.

This is a race against the clock on a short course. Your best times will be compared the best times of others in your class to determine the class winners, each of which will receive a T-shirt.

The Classes:

There are five classes available to race in, which cover pretty much anything you might think about bringing. They are as follows:

S2 - Stock 2WD. This is rubber to ice for stock, streetable passenger cars or trucks.

S4 - Stock 4WD. Same as S2, but for 4WD cars and trucks.

M2 - Modified 2WD. Streetable passenger cars or trucks with modified wheels or tires. Modified tires have a traction aiding device such as tire chains, ice screws or studs. Some vehicles have even used blades and all metal wheels. The vehicle must remain streetable with the exception of the tires/wheels. 

M4 - Modified 4WD. The same as M2 but for 4WD cars and trucks.

Open - If it doesn't fall into the other categories, it's open class. Here, anything goes. This class would include motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles, as well as open wheel racecars, karts, and other vehicles that are not passenger cars. Traction aids are legal in open.

The rules for classes here are pretty vague, and are that way on purpose to prevent restrictions in innovation. It is up to the organizers to determine what class a vehicle is in, so if you have any question, ask first. 

The spirit of the rules:

S2 and S4 are right off the street with no traction aids. Want to run your rallycar, autocross car, or drag car? No problem, as long as they are still streetable, with stock, street legal tires.

M2 and M4 are the same streetable cars, but with the aid of any sort of traction aid you might imagine.

Open is everything else. Want to strap a jet engine to your back and ice skates to your feet? Go for it, just make sure your health insurance is paid up.

And what is streetable? It's a vehicle that you could drive through a small town, past the police station without arousing suspicion. 


T-shirts and bragging rights. T-shirts are awarded to class winners, and there is an innovation award to the vehicle that advances ice racing the most or is the most technically interesting, even if not totally successful. 

Here are a few of the past winners of the innovation award:


Frequently asked questions.

Where and when is the race?
Because this is an invitation only event, you need to email the organizer at for this information.

Can I race my <snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, racecar, drag car, truck, go kart, formula 1 racecar, rocket powered streamliner> ?

Can I use <tire chains, ice screws, snowmobile studs, sharpened bolts> on my vehicle?
Yes. This will put your vehicle in M2, M4 or open class, depending on the vehicle.

Can other people drive my car?
Yes. You may drive other peoples cars, and you may allow multiple drivers of your own car.

I don't have a racecar, can I borrow somebody else's?
I have no idea, you'll have to ask them. But remember, you don't need a racecar to win, the S2 and S4 classes are always full. Everything from Ford Fiestas to School buses have been run in the past, so go ahead and enter your daily driver.

Is this actually safe?
Yes. This is on a lake. Unless you do something really stupid, there is nothing to hit, so it's very safe. So far there has been only minor vehicle damage and no personal injury.

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